We manufacture professional doors and windows,

but the challenge for us is no longer to produce high-quality doors, windows and façade glass walls but to meet the market expectations that the customers expect from our partners, building contractors and distributors. Our task is to make our partners successful through our skills and products. This approach distinguishes us from others and leads to our results.

Plastic doors and windows

Standard quality, creative options, competitive price.

Convincing solutions to major challenges too. This is offered by the SCHÜCO plastic door system.

We responsibly recommend the Schüco doors and windows for renovation, new construction and for the renovation of urban – rural houses even in high-tech or century-style. Based on our orders and experiences, we know that this door and window system is perfectly suited to the buildings and to your requirements:

  • The most diversed realizable structure-types and opening-ways
  • Excellent sound and heat insulation
  • System tested safety and quality
  • The colour range offers wide spectrum options for unique and wood-grained solutions
  • The colour palette can be expanded by aluminium cover profiles which can be painted or anodized to any RAL colour.

Aluminium doors and windows

To the maximum with continuous innovation…

Creative freedom and reliable functionality with our aluminium door and window systems and elements. Successful solutions in your hands.

The architectural and design aspects are in harmony instead of contrast with the functional and safety solutions – it is a fantastic opportunity for designers and architects. The realization of these does not mean a problem for the building contractors. Uncompromising choice with a positive energy balance. Meeting with strict energy requirements with an increased thermal insulation zone.

The doors, windows and facade glass walls are connected optically and technically in an integrated way through the fewer number of matching building elements. Wide range of opening elements with numerous variations

In the manufacturing of doors and windows with an excellent value for money. In case of any question or solution concerning plastic or aluminium doors and windows, in such building constructions which require technology and knowledge on an international level.

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